Summary: Responses to Migrants with Precarious Status in Frankfurt: Frames, Strategies
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Summary: Responses to Migrants with Precarious Status in Frankfurt: Frames, Strategies

30 November 2022


In several The well-functioning division of labour and close cooperation interviews with employees of institutions that offer services between the Local Health Authority and the aforementioned for this group or more generally for people in precarious living civil society organisations strengthens the municipality's situations, it became clear that they consider the inclusion of capacity to improve. [...] For example, if a migrants with precarious status person refuses the offer of a ticket to the place of their last registered address, the office assumes that the homelessness While some of the services aimed at migrants (with precarious is not involuntary and that the municipality of Frankfurt is status) or people in need of assistance, regardless of their thus exempt from the obligation to provid. [...] Some of the facilities receive financial support for Medium- and long-term accommodation options are therefore their services from the City of Frankfurt or from other public denied to the majority of migrants with precarious status, bodies (European, federal, state ("Land")), while others are as they are tied to the receipt of social benefits. [...] The strongest approaches to an inclusive urban response so The abolition of the reporting obligation for educational far are in the area of health care. [...] of the clearing house • Regulation for emergency treatments between hospitals The LoReMi project confirms the findings of earlier studies that and the youth and social welfare office precarious under residence law • Introduction of a treatment fund at municipal (or state) and limited entitlements to social welfare benefits have serious level impacts on the living conditions of third-country nation.

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