COMPAS - Building an infrastructure for community led welcome in the UK
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COMPAS - Building an infrastructure for community led welcome in the UK

6 December 2022


resources available, in order to build longer-term • The devolved nature of HfU provides opportunities for welcoming capacity in particular in relation learning between the different approaches taken in to housing, safeguarding and mental health the four nations of the UK, and the need to introduce provision a learning approach between local authorities and − Development of new models of support d. [...] on learning and best practice from both 3 resettlement and sponsorship, building on community and institutional assets − Building in mechanisms for the inclusion of voices of lived experience within both planning and implementation − Development of a learning and networked approach, drawing on available research and evaluation − A clear and coherent, whole of government approach to both community. [...] As a consequence of this, and of the divided lines of responsibility for integration policy making and implementation between central and local government the integration and inclusion aspects of community led welcoming have not been front and centre as they could be. [...] This may and Sehic 2022.) More broadly, the distinction between particularly be the case in areas with low levels of prior different arrival routes as determining levels of support experience of refugee resettlement and is particularly is generally seen to lose meaning at a local level and can notable in the context of the expansion of asylum dispersal. [...] The strategy aims to support Ukrainian refugees to settle in the UK and to provide for the effective and efficient resettlement of Ukrainians arriving under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme in the wider context of Birmingham City Council’s vision and commitment to being a City of Sanctuary.

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