R Sheet On - Birth Control Access in New Jersey Background
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R Sheet On - Birth Control Access in New Jersey Background

15 December 2022


The increasing popularity of this model is based on decades of research showing that hormonal birth control is relatively low risk for the majority of the population. [...] This research has led organizations like the American College of Maternal Mortality is Not Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Family Equitably Distributed In Physicians to advocate for hormonal contraception like the pill to be New Jersey available over the counter, without prescription. [...] This is due to a variety of factors, such as racial disparities in health care access and treatment, and contributes to the difficulty in addressing the issue. [...] Action Items Because the maternal mortality rate in New Jersey remains one of the highest in the nation, legislators should consider preventive solutions Contact Us beyond those in the Nurture New Jersey program to reduce the rate For more information on of unintended pregnancy, such as supporting pharmacists’ ability this subject, contact: R Street Institute to prescribe hormonal contraception. [...] Policymakers concerned with the state of maternal Competition Policy mortality and unintended pregnancies in New Jersey should usher in Courtney Joslin Resident Fellow the pharmacy-access model to improve New Jersey’s maternal health Competition Policy outcomes.