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16 December 2022


within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and contributed to the development and amendment of the Crime Prevention Act and State Strategy on Crime Prevention, as well as participating in sector-specific working groups and coordination meetings at national and provincial levels. [...] This recognises the civil society on issues related to the Arms Trade Treaty links between conflict, violence and gender inequality, (ATT), in particular with respect to the Conferences and commits us to challenge and transform the root of States Parties (CSPs) to the ATT. [...] Saferworld’s engagement on the ATT took various forms over the past year: n We supported the work of the President of the Seventh n We were actively engaged in helping to formulate Conference of States Parties (CSP7) in developing the overall focus of the outputs of the ATT Monitor – his Conference Working Paper and theme, including the international monitoring mechanism for the ATT – by organisin. [...] After President Biden hosted a global we highlighted the views of people, communities and civil Summit of Democracy, we published an op-ed in the society leaders in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger on what influential Foreign Policy magazine on the risks to needs to happen to reduce violence and insecurity in the fragile democracies of the continued prosecution of central Sahel. [...] Since 2019, we have been promoting three-way dialogue and cooperation between people, CSOs, and institutions in Africa, China and the EU to address the illegal flows of arms and ammunition into and within Africa, which are fuelling civil wars and the activities of violent groups on the continent.

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