December 2, 2022
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December 2, 2022

2 December 2022


The NEA reform provisions shared by PODA and the HSGAC-passed version of the ARTICLE ONE Act would establish a necessary, meaningful check on the president’s use of emergency powers, while maintaining flexibility for the president when needed most — in the immediate aftermath of a crisis. [...] The core reforms in the ARTICLE ONE Act were then incorporated into two major Democratic reform packages, PODA and the Congressional Power of the Purse Act. [...] They also appear in the bipartisan National Security Powers Act in the Senate and National Security Reforms and Accountability Act in the House. [...] In short, Congress has the opportunity to advance the most significant recalibration of the balance of power between the president and Congress in four decades, and to do so in a bipartisan manner. [...] The undersigned organizations would strongly support either the NEA reform provisions of PODA, as included in the DeFazio/Roy amendment to the House NDAA, or the HSGAC-passed version of the ARTICLE ONE Act, versions of which were incorporated into amendments to the Senate NDAA filed by Sens.