WP T3  D.T3.2.3  - Transnational pilot – Work plan / Roadmap. Version 1
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WP T3 D.T3.2.3 - Transnational pilot – Work plan / Roadmap. Version 1

13 December 2022


By using the models and instruments developed they will reach autonomy in the use of models and instruments for supporting and monitoring innovation in their home region and will be able to contribute to transnational innovation processes. [...] The results of the pilots will be monitored and evaluated with respect to both the value chain innova- tion approach as a triple-helix process for improving regional innovation ecosystems and the models and instruments. [...] b) To promote a strong plan of assistance provided to regional SMEs working in the biomedical sector and neighboring sectors with an innovative approach that is design-driven and will bring SMEs to clarify medium- and long-term objectives to innovate products and services according to the digitalisation and the customers’ expectations. [...] d) To capitalize past EU projects and services implemented by the Chamber of Commerce of Pa- dova, particularly those addressing services to SMEs in general, the Biomedical Observatory funded by the Chamber of Commerce of Padova during past years, the funding opportunities offered by the Chamber to SMEs to support SMEs’ digitalisation processes. [...] 2.2 Objectives The main objective of the pilot is to assist SMEs and R&TT organizations working on health sector (and specifically biomedical) or with crossing competence (Key Enabling Technologies) to establish durable Page 2 and fruitful collaboration to develop new products and services able to increase the competitiveness of the sector into the internal and foreign markets.

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