BANNED PESTICIDES - still in use in the EU
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BANNED PESTICIDES - still in use in the EU

11 January 2023


The Guidance document7 also mentions the need Instead of clarifying that derogations should not be for applicants to provide: “a robust justification for asked for by the agrochemical industry because of the authorisation […], first by the applicant as part of the evident and unacceptable conflict of interest they the notification, and, subsequently, if an authorisation have, the European Commissi. [...] Indeed, the highly questionable and the lack of transparency on Guidance Document11 refers to the ‘Applicant’ as the who is behind the application did not allow PAN Europe entity behind the request, while the ‘Authorisation to establish the identity of the applicants in cases where holder’ is the name of the company allowed to sell its the authorisation holder is a pesticide company. [...] The extremely low quality of the derogation The European Commission database on notifications plays in favour of the interests of the emergency authorisation12 provides only the name pesticide industry. [...] submitted by the pesticide industry, Member States Nevertheless, in the vast majority of the cases, have no means to establish that they were truly Member States have disclosed the names of the submitted in the interest of farmers. [...] It is of utmost importance to provide effective seed care solution to the sugar beet growers to ensure the future of sugar production in Austria.» 2022, Emergency Authorisation for Thiamethoxam Banned pesticides still in use in the EU 20 A recent opinion of the Spanish Ombudsman15, than the protection of the environment and human responding to a complaint by Ecologistas en Acción, health.

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