1 Billion Lives Challenge I M P A C T
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1 Billion Lives Challenge I M P A C T

18 January 2023


Although 95% of the world’s population lives in areas covered by a broadband network, 2.7 We are proud of the progress made by our billion people remain offline.1 Even among those partners in the EDISON Alliance and invite you to connected, many struggle with connectivity join our movement and make a commitment to the speeds and cost. [...] Bridging the digital divide is a complex challenge, Many partners have joined the challenge and and the EDISON Alliance believes in the importance made sizeable public commitments to improve of demonstrating it is achievable. [...] While technology is an important tool in addressing global challenges, people are the true catalysts of change – working collectively towards the advancement of humanity and the protection of our planet, we can bridge the digital divide and fully harness the transformative impact of technology. [...] As an EDISON partner, ITU supports the 1 Billion Lives Challenge through the ITU/UNICEF Giga initiative to connect every school to the internet, our Partner2Connect connectivity pledging platform, which has already mobilized $30 billion for digital transformation initiatives around the world, and our work to address access and digital skills for the world’s most vulnerable communities. [...] by the learnings and key takeaways comprised in this impact report, will continue to address The impact on organizations that are choosing to existing gaps and new ones, leverage the breadth develop targets for the first time is evident, taking and depth of EDISON’s ecosystem of partners inspiration and learning from those that have already to ensure 2025 targets are met, and inspire new done so.

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