‘Political Economy Analysis in Action’
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‘Political Economy Analysis in Action’

18 May 2022


To apply - please fill in the online form By the end of the course, participants will understand: Apply Now - What political economy analysis (PEA) is, and the different operational contexts in which it has a role - How it can be used to improve foreign and development The deadline for applications is 31 January 2023 policies and engagements - What tools and frameworks are available for PEA and ho. [...] Session 2: Applied PEA making a difference - experiences and lessons This session explores the range of ways in which applied PEA, and TWP more generally, can make a difference to the quality of international engagements. [...] This session explores the first two parts of the Framework: what is the problem and why does it happen? It describes some principles for how to frame a political economy problem well and introduces a tool for analysing problems and identifying the proximate causes - and also lays out the analytical steps needed to understand why a given problem occurs. [...] Session 9: Inclusive growth and conflict prevention in the Horn of Africa: a cross-border case study of the political economy of Berbera port and corridor This session gives participants a crucial opportunity to apply problem-focused PEA to challenges that are both general (how to promote inclusive development and how to prevent or reduce conflict) and particular to the Horn of Africa, with a focu. [...] The session invites participants to use the PEA Framework and to apply PEA methodology to understand what is involved in identifying a plausible pathway of change, and to identify policy implications and potential areas of interventions, as a result of the analysis.