WHAT DRIVES SOLAR ENERGY DEVELOPMENT? - Evidence from Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen
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WHAT DRIVES SOLAR ENERGY DEVELOPMENT? - Evidence from Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen

4 September 2022


Moreover, the social acceptability of the economy has pushed the majority of of solar energy is still a matter of debate, the population into poverty, whose money which also affects the speed of the energy has plummeted in value as the cost of nearly transition1. [...] This policy brief examines the drivers of One of the few positive outcomes of the renewable energy development in Lebanon, crisis has been a rising awareness among policy challenges to the development of the citizens and communities of the importance sector, case studies from Jordan and Yemen, of Renewable Energy (RE) – and solar energy as well as lessons learned for Lebanon. [...] What Drives Solar Energy Development? Evidence from Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen 5 THE EXPERIENCE OF LEBANON: A DECADE OF CHASING THE SUN Even before the outbreak of the economic The growth in the market has been accompanied crisis, access to electricity across the country by a series of government measures including was extremely unequal. [...] The net-metering price of gasoline and diesel based on the official exchange rate tracks both energy consumed from the utility grid, and energy and the market price of the Lebanese Pound to the USD. [...] passing the Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) draft laws to ▸ Identify the ultimate use of the solar system facilitate the development of the sector and prior to installation to ensure appropriate enhance the viability of larger schemes.