Flagship report -  Annex 1: Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano and Yobe case studies
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Flagship report -  Annex 1: Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano and Yobe case studies

5 October 2021


Kaduna has The best PFM results in Kaduna have related to increased the share of public spending on health the increased connection between the State and education (indicators 14 and 21) despite Development Plans, Sector Investment Plans the decline in the real value of federal transfers. [...] The UK interventions, the distinctive feature of UK has maintained a strong presence in the health governance programmes has been their mainly sector with PRRINN-MNCH, MNCH2, W4H and remote management, with a limited presence in Lafiya, but assistance to the education sector the state due to security concerns. [...] The functioning of CSOs, media and SHoA of the budget (indicator 3), citizen participation (indicators 3, 10 and 11) has increased markedly in the budget (indicator 4) (through Community over the period of UK programming, leading Charters of Demand, which are increasingly to greater engagement by citizens and their influencing the composition of the budget), elected representatives in budget and p. [...] Interventions (I) include technical assistance (in particular the use of revenue forecasting tools), the introduction of budget planning and calendar templates, support for the preparation of a new PFM law, and long-term capacity-building and institutional strengthening of the PFM Core Group and Budget Working Group. [...] However, many of the improvements can be traced to the adoption of PFM tools promoted by UK programmes, long-term relationship-building with the PFM Core Group and Budget Working Group, and the establishment of the Voice and Accountability Platform, which did not exist before UK support.