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20 December 2022


Conceptual framework for digital rights As we stand in 2022, the area of digital rights is still quite One of the problems of advocating underdeveloped in the region, even for digital rights is a lack of when risks and harms rise from consensus of what the concept the permeation of technologies While there has been little reporting means. [...] Another 1 2 3 4 example ofdecision- conventional human making based rights as enshrined data-centred rights to access rights to participate on data and in the Universal Declaration of rights digital spaces and in the governance of digital bodies Human Rights services the digital that has an translated to digital outsized spaces impact on society is the social credit system in The first two spheres. [...] The last two focus predictive statistical analyses, with applications more on developmental aspects, the intention of moving towards of access and of having a say in machine learning to assist in There are at least two ways to the direction and regulation of the decisions on sentencing for drug view this problem of protecting digital. [...] Data collection is a vital around the world realised how component of the system that powerful it is to have control allows algorithms to run on the over the communication and On top of that, the technical data, thus curating experiences. [...] With these platforms occupying an policy responses to mis- and dis- outsized position in shaping news information; the consequences of mis- For example, the government can and political agendas, it is critical for highlight medical misinformation voices from this part of the world to and dis-information on democracy or foreign influence operations be reflected in the larger debate on and society;.

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