Document Accession #: 20230118-5059 Filed Date: 01/18/2023
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Document Accession #: 20230118-5059 Filed Date: 01/18/2023

18 January 2023


In July 2021, RSI joined a broad coalition of groups seeking a comprehensive, independent study of the electric power industry and its regulation to assure the industry is providing consumers with the most reliable and affordable power available.8 RSI agrees RTOs have been effective tools for promoting wholesale competition in the electric power industry, yielding cost savings and enhanced reliabi. [...] Stakeholder processes are valuable mechanisms for identification, evaluation and development of new information, and for promoting and understanding the value of regional markets within the stakeholders’ home organizations and the broader community. [...] Load, in many of the RTO filings, is presented as something to be forecasted and met by the system rather than as an expression of consumers’ willingness to pay for electricity and a contributor to stakeholder processes and active participant in RTO markets. [...] The commissioner asked: Is it appropriate to continue to use LMP in energy and capacity markets? Does the continued use of LMP threaten reliability as the generation mix changes? Does the use of LMP ensure that consumers get the benefit of low clearing prices? Is there a better pricing model than LMP in RTO/ISO markets to achieve reliability and fairness to consumers? Responses were unanimous in s. [...] The NYISO is not aware of any other pricing model that would be equal to or superior to the LMP market methodologies employed in ISO/RTO markets to maintain reliability while producing fair wholesale electric market prices for consumers.36 In addition, NYISO commissioned the Harvey and Hogan report: “Locational Marginal Pricing and Electricity Markets,” and submitted the report as Attachment A to.