The Russia–Ukraine War at One Year: The Biden Administration Owes
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The Russia–Ukraine War at One Year: The Biden Administration Owes

18 January 2023


As the American people contemplate the one-year anniversary of Vladi- mir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, it is becoming apparent that Congress is overdue in asking hard questions of the Biden Administration about the proposed goals and objectives of the U. [...] President Joe Biden has enjoyed bipartisan support for Ukraine funding requests from Democrat-led majorities in the House and Senate, but without answers to hard questions that support could change in the 118th Congress with a Republican majority in the House and increasing opposition to the war from the far Left. [...] Questions for President Biden Following are the questions that President Biden must answer before Congress approves any additional funding for Ukraine: How Has the Biden Administration Adjusted to the Intelligence Failure at the Beginning of the War? On the eve of the invasion, the U. [...] Recommendations for the Administration, Congress, and the Ukrainian Government In order to maintain bipartisan support for Ukraine, the Adminis- tration should: l Help Ukraine to win. [...] support for Ukraine, allowing Putin to regroup for potential future aggression, failing to exploit the opportu- nity to deter China, and repeating the experience of previous Presidents who have been unable to effectively make the case for war support to the American people.

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