All Azimuth V12, N1, 2023, 107-128
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All Azimuth V12, N1, 2023, 107-128

23 January 2023


To this end, the data were classified according to the gender of the researchers, the language of the study, the year of dissertation submission, the university, and the department. [...] Throughout the research, we found that both the number of EU-related departments and the number of dissertations in these departments increased as a result of the start of Turkey’s EU accession negotiations in 2005. [...] Figure 17: The Number of Dissertations in Turkish Foreign Policy by Sub-Areas In examining dissertations in the categories of IL and IL+Case, we found that the field of international law includes very few and inadequate dissertations, both in terms of the number of dissertations in general and in terms of the diversity of topics within the field. [...] Notable is that in the field of law of the sea, studies on the dispute between Greece and Turkey over maritime territories were the most prominent (6), and that law and EU-related departments of universities have made a significant contribution to the fields of EU law and law of the sea. [...] Second, the high number of security studies is due to the high number of dissertations completed in the security studies departments of the Turkish Military Academy, the Police Academy and the Turkish War Colleges after 2010 (35).



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