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10 January 2023


The Commission is committed to ensuring that the ongoing renewal process for glyphosate is conducted in full compliance with the applicable legislation. [...] While it is indeed regrettable that the renewal process of glyphosate has been delayed beyond the timeline originally foreseen, the amount of information that has to be assessed is significantly larger compared to other active substances, as confirmed by EFSA and ECHA in their letter1 of 10 May 2022. [...] While this confirms the hazards, the risks that these may pose to health and the environment are examined as part of the ongoing peer review process. [...] The Commission agrees that all potential effects of glyphosate on human and animal health and the environment must be assessed according to the latest scientific and technical knowledge in order to ensure a process of high quality and integrity, leading to a well-grounded decision on whether or not the approval can be renewed. [...] Against this background, Article 17 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 clearly states that where for reasons beyond the control of the applicant it appears that the approval of an active substance is likely to expire before a decision has been taken on renewal, the Commission must adopt a decision postponing the expiry of the approval for a period sufficiently long to allow for an examination of the.

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