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20 January 2023


According to the Institute for Justice, Virginia has the sixth-highest burden for licensed occupations; however, the Old Dominion is poised to head in a new direction and join 18 other states that have implemented or amended their laws to permit Universal Licensing Recognition.5 SB 1213 is vital to address the existing shortage of workers by removing barriers to entry for licensed professions. [...] In addition, employees who are to be transferred to Virginia with their spouses may not be inclined to agree to the transfer if their spouse serves in a licensed occupation that is not readily recognized in Virginia. [...] The Commonwealth has previously identified this as a barrier for military spouses and remedied the issue during the 2020 Virginia General Assembly session with the passage of HB 967 and SB 981.67 These measures permitted the spouses of active duty service members and veterans of the United States Armed Services to expedite issuance of credentials and permitted the state to waive requirements relat. [...] Regulatory boards would be permitted to extend a license to a licensed occupant from another state so long as the applicant meets the following criteria: The applicant holds a current and valid occupational license or certification in another state in an occupation with a similar scope of practice. [...] The applicant is held in good standing by the board in the other state, does not have a disqualifying criminal record under state law, and has not faced any discipline related to harm to the health or economic well-being of the public.

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