Martins et al. - Turkish Drones as a Foreign Policy Tool, MidEast Policy Brief 1-
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Martins et al. - Turkish Drones as a Foreign Policy Tool, MidEast Policy Brief 1-

30 January 2023


The reported im- drones, it was a US supplier (General Atom- ginning of the war in Ukraine, Turkish-made pact of Turkish drones in the early stages of the ics) that was preferred, but this eventually drones have attracted attention from countries Ukraine war has projected an image of a mod- fell through due to Turkey’s demand that the around the world. [...] We understand strategic autonomy reports produced in Turkey and beyond on the to refer to the capacity to make security and Turkish foreign policy has undergone signifi- Turkish drone market, the most important of defense decisions independently, without always cant shifts in the over two decades of Justice which are listed in the Further Reading. [...] The concentration of power in the of- technologically advanced part of the defense defense contractors are required to assess the fice of the Presidency after 2018 and a domestic industry, is regarded by most political actors as potential risks of their products being deployed political landscape defined by populist national- a source of national pride, which limits critical in human rights violat. [...] Finally, Bayraktar TB2 armed drones in Ethiopia, where in the Middle East has opened up a space for the in a wider context, national self-perceptions of the two parties of the conflict – the Ethiopian gov- ascension of new competitors for regional lead- Turkey’s identity as a military power fall on fer- ernment and the Tigray Defense Forces – have ership, such as Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. [...] Satel- be better understood against the background of Beyond the Official Narrative lite images verified the presence of a Bayraktar global power shifts, regional instability, and the drone at the Harar Meda military airport, which regime’s consolidation of power at home.2 Not There are significant issues surrounding Tur- is the main airbase of the Ethiopian Air Forces.8 least due to disappointmen.

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