Sciences Student’s Handbook  2022
Coherent Identifier 20.500.12592/xbdt05 Sciences Student’s Handbook 2022

3 February 2023


Based on the academic record and the performance of the candidates in interview, the selection committee will recommend names of the selected candidates to the Director of the institute and post his approval, the selected candidates list will be forwarded to respective Dean at AcSIR for approval and enrollment. [...] In such cases, the credits obtained by the student will be communicated by the Coordinator of the institute where the course was undertaken to the Coordinator of the parent institute. [...] k) The members of the Thesis board will send the reports to the AcSIR-Coordinator On non-receipt of thesis report by 8 weeks, the thesis should be sent to the next examiner (s) in the list following same procedure. [...] The OEB will assess the student’s work based on the presentation and responses to the questions raised during oral examinations p) The candidate is considered to have passed the oral examination if all the members except at the most one member consider that the performance of the candidate is satisfactory. [...] Thesis submission Certificate The thesis submission certificate will be issued on the request of the student by the AcSIR only after the thesis submitted, along-with all the relevant documents, has been found to have met all the prerequisites of thesis submission, as per the rules of thesis submission.

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