REPORT - Another License Fee is Possible - For an Earmarked and Fair Funding of
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REPORT - Another License Fee is Possible - For an Earmarked and Fair Funding of

6 February 2023


popular among a part of the French political class, For all that, does it mean that the scrapping of the because it was included not only in the platform of license fee reflects a popular demand? That the Macron’s La République En Marche! (LREM) party, majority of citizens are also in favor of weakening but also in that of right-wing candidate Valérie the public funding of public service broadcast. [...] The fact of linking the payment of the fee decline in its collection base – and thus in the to the ownership of a radio or a television set was resources used to fund the broadcasting service. [...] In particular, whereas the they considered that scrapping the license fee was majority of those who voted for one of the six left- likely to constitute a threat to the independence of wing candidates in the first round of the presidential public broadcasting. [...] Some will say that previously mentioned European Union study on not all the solutions have been envisaged here; in the radio and television, the better the funding of public public debate, other options have indeed been broadcasting (by the license fee), the greater the discussed in recent years, such as a tax on the market share of the public broadcasting system. [...] One of the points in the ‘document of understanding’ forming the basis of the alliance, was a cancelation of the 2018 media agreement and an announcement, that the government would invite all parties to deliberations in order to “strengthen Danish public service”.

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