In collaboration with PwC - How Stakeholder Metrics Reporting can Drive
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In collaboration with PwC - How Stakeholder Metrics Reporting can Drive

18 January 2023


This paper will: The World Economic Forum collaborates with the PCA, and one of its goals is to build an – Explain the Stakeholder Metrics understanding of the important role of sustainability reporting among the business sector operating in – Share findings on the sustainability reporting the region. [...] a positive and international trend that is helping stakeholders, including investors, to analyse and This context will be further enhanced with four brief evaluate the risks and opportunities that companies case studies of companies in the region, Holcim El face in the sustainability spheres in which they Salvador, Grupo Terra, Grupo Poma and Cemaco, operate – and the implications of these for to. [...] The report can be publicly disclosed and projects based on a great commitment to creating value, follows the ISO reference standards, including 9001, 14001, innovating and diversifying with a positive and sustainable 26000 and 37001 and other sustainability frameworks like impact, generating growth, innovation and well-being for the Global Reporting Initiative and the stakeholder metrics. [...] Three key phases define the sustainability reporting Identify where the company needs to go journey, whether for the first time or not: Compare the current state against their aspirations and select the right benchmarks to design the 1 Reporting strategy – The objective is to company’s sustainability reporting strategy and assess the current landscape. [...] Aligning sustainability KPIs to executive and management incentives is particularly important Continuously improve to embed the strategy in the day-to-day work of As mentioned before, reporting is a cyclical and executives and give the metrics and reporting the iterative process that should always be reviewed for power needed to implement the business strategy.

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