Faster Deployment of Heat Pumps in Scotland: Settling the figures


Faster Deployment of Heat Pumps in Scotland: Settling the figures

9 Feb 2023

(For the Pre-1918 detached house, the size of the house and the number of rooms is so large that we assumed some rooms are unheated and use a lower setting, 18°C, in the other zones to account for this.) We used a twice daily heating pattern on all days for all homes, even though some are occupied during the day and others not, because this is by far the most common practice. [...] Similarly for upgrade costs, there is a wide range of cost for efficiency measures and new heating systems, varying according to a hundred different considerations for one specific dwelling: the location, where the insulation or heat pump needs to go, how easy it is to access pipework, where the homeowner wants to locate the external unit of the heat pump, how hard it is to access the loft, and so. [...] All of these are adequately modelled by the water/radiator system, even though the temperature of the hot water is much less than the temperature of the hot bricks. [...] The cylinder is sized for the kWh required, the radiator is sized for the kW, and the insulation on the cylinder controls the heat loss. [...] Air Source Heat Pump model is defined with domestic hot water provided by both the heat pump and an electric immersion heater in the cylinder Key features of the model: Heat pump Heat pump capacity is based on heating demand at the design winter conditions (based on the climate for the location the temperature and wind speed are -4.5°C and 3.2 m/s for Glasgow, 0°C and 10 m/s for Aberdeen).


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