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15 July 2020


This is mainly due to forms—shaping the academic consensus on their own efforts and the actions of developing the economics of migration is very different country governments, business, and civil society, from promoting the creation of a full-service but also the support provided by the rest of development finance corporation, but both the world—rich countries, a rules-based and are important. [...] This and the policies of countries around refugees can fuel economic growth limits opportunities for individuals, the world wield enormous influence in the countries they live in and communities, and nations. [...] Foundations 8% Administration 9% Fundraising 4% I ndividuals/Family Foundations 6% N onprofits/NGOs/Other 7%879+4w++ Total $20,297,909 Our Funders* Corporate and Corporate • Echidna Giving • Asian Development Bank • Susan Levine Foundations • Ewing Marion Kauffman • Australian Department of • Jennifer Oppenheimer • C&A Foundation Foundation Foreign Affairs and Trade • Dina Powell • Chevron • Ford. [...] Cargill • Nathan Cummings Foundation and Development • Maureen White Philanthropies • Omidyar Network • Global Affairs Canada • Anonymous • Mastercard Foundation • Open Philanthropy • International Development • McKinsey & Company • Open Society Foundation Research Centre Nonprofits • Merck and Co., Inc. [...] • Seattle International Foundation of Foreign Affairs • Institute of Labor Economics • NIKE Foundation • Silicon Valley Community • N orwegian Agency for • International Growth Centre • PepsiCo Foundation Development Cooperation • I nternational Initiative for • Sanofi Pasteur • Tent Partnership for Refugees • Norwegian Ministry Impact Evaluation (3ie) • UBS AG • Tinker Foundation of Foreign Affai.

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