Future Leaders Fellowships – Pre-Application Checks
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Future Leaders Fellowships – Pre-Application Checks

17 February 2023


The templates can be found in the ‘How to apply’ section of the FLF opportunity page on the Funding Finder. [...] The term ‘collaborator’ is no longer used, any collaborations should be accompanied by a role descriptor and explained in the case for support. [...] Project partner - A Project Partner is an organisation/individual integral to the project, that is contributing a specified cash or in-kind contribution to the proposed project that is not considered as part of fEC. [...] Letter of support is required Subcontractor – A third-party individual who is not employed as staff on the grant or a third- party organisation but is subcontracted by the Host Organisation to deliver a specific piece of work. [...] Potential applicants who wish to collaborate with others should describe the extent and reasons for any collaboration in the case for support.

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