Future Leaders Fellowships  Round 8 Guidance for Academic-hosted Applicants
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Future Leaders Fellowships Round 8 Guidance for Academic-hosted Applicants

17 February 2023


The renewal will assess the quality and significance of the fellow’s work and achievements to date and will involve the host organisation and the fellow. [...] If applicable, within the ‘Animal Research’ section, applicants must detail any procedures categorised as moderate or severe (in accordance with the maximum prospective severity rating in the Home Office licence under which the work will be carried out) in order that the assessment of the proposal can balance the importance of the potential scientific advancement to the welfare of the animals. [...] The statement must summarise: • The applicant’s suitability for a FLF • The suitability of the project for the training and career development of the applicant • Why the department is appropriate for the work proposed, including the long-term commitments the department will make to mentor and support the applicant • The effective and transparent arrangements that led to the applicant being selecte. [...] The following information must be provided in the covering letter: • The name of the person(s) • The organisation(s) they are based at • A clear reason why the person would not be able to provide an unbiased and evidence- based review The Cover Letter must not be used to submit any additional information that should otherwise be included elsewhere in the application. [...] 4.2.2 Project partner letter of support Each Project Partner must provide a Letter of Support on headed paper, dated (within the previous six months) and signed by an authorised representative of the organisation and must: • Confirm the organisation’s commitment to the proposed project • Detail the nature of the collaboration and identify the relevance and benefits to the Project Partner • Confirm.

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