Loan and Project Financing Policy
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Loan and Project Financing Policy

8 December 2022


The Loan and Project Financing Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) develops, in line with the Bank’s Articles of Agreement,1 the strategic orientations approved by the Bank’s governing bodies and the political and social aims of the Council of Europe, the basic principles for the selection and implementation of the investment projects financed by the Bank (hereinafter, also the “CEB”). [...] In particular, the Policy sets forth: • the sectors of intervention • the financial means of action • the mechanisms for approving loan applications • the management of the stock of projects • the financing of projects • the monitoring of projects 1.2. [...] The “Handbook for the Preparation and Implementation of Projects” (hereinafter, the “Handbook”), adopted by the CEB within the framework of the Policy, further specifies the CEB’s eligibility criteria, the disbursement modalities, the monitoring requirements and other operational considerations regarding project implementation. [...] • The value added of the project and of CEB’s participation in its financing together with the conclusions of the CEB on the different criteria of its screening methodology which includes, among other elements, the assessment of the key vulnerability dimensions relevant for and/or addressed by the project, its social, environmental, technical, economic and institutional sustainability and the coun. [...] Subject to positive assessment by the CEB, this loan application for an additional loan amount may be submitted to the Administrative Council for approval, via the Secretariat of the Partial Agreement of the Council of Europe, in line with the provisions of the Loan and Project Financing Policy and current Handbook for the Preparation and Implementation of Projects.

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