Core International Crimes Evidence Database (CICED) - What is CICED? How CICED works
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Core International Crimes Evidence Database (CICED) - What is CICED? How CICED works

14 February 2023


What types of evidence can be submitted? CICED consists of three components: ` Photographs ` Victim testimonies CURE STORAGE ` Video recordings ` Medical, forensic and military reportsSE ` Audio recordings ` Battlefield evidence ` Satellite and drone images ` and other types of evidence N AD ` Witness statements How will evidence be transmitted? ` Via secure file transfer How will evidence be stor. [...] on sexual and gender-based violence) The urgent need for CICED What are the benefits? The war in Ukraine has triggered an unprecedented response from the international ` Centrally storing evidence from national judicial proceedings in one database legal community. [...] ` The early identification of parallel investigations leads to the more efficient use of resources and reduces the risk of legal errors Consequently, the EU institutions agreed to extend Eurojust’s mandate, and on 1 ` Maintaining an overview of interviewed victims helps to avoid re-victimisation June 2022, Regulation 2022/838 entered into force, allowing Eurojust to set up the by repeated intervie. [...] ` Targeted searches for evidence result in faster and more effective national investigations The scale of the problem ` The ability to securely store evidence away from the location of an armed conflict can prevent the loss of evidence Investigations face a fragmented and complex landscape. [...] Eurojust hosts the International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression, which operates within the JIT.

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