Different choices, equal chances: Helping high school students achieve success on their own terms
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Different choices, equal chances: Helping high school students achieve success on their own terms

13 February 2023


Our school is the hub in the community for our students and their families.” - Administrator These instructional changes have been well-received by students and staff, and graduation rates at Nokomis are higher than the state median.1 However, as the school continues its work to transform student experiences, staff are thinking deeply about what students choose to do after high school and whether. [...] Given the variety in students’ backgrounds, life experiences, and interests in different pathways, the Nokomis team raised the questions: How can high schools help students explore a range of futures–from trades to colleges– and equitably discern a path based on talents, interests, and potential growth? And given the variety of pathways to success, how can high schools provide the “right” high sch. [...] Without the FAFSA, your college plan becomes not much of a plan.” - Teacher Students and families need more guidance about ways to make college affordable and how to ensure postsecondary education leads to a career with a salary that justifies the time and expense of higher education. [...] When they say they want to do a trade, they do a trade.” - Student The same theme came up among school staff and caregivers, leading to a sense that students are locking into one of only two perceived pathways before they have a chance to explore the different avenues under college and careers. [...] What more can high schools do to better expose students from trades-centric backgrounds to see college and degree-requiring careers as equally viable options? Additionally, what can high schools do to invite students who assume college is the next step to explore a wider range of postsecondary options? For both, what can high schools do to help students understand the steps needed to get there? Di.

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