Social Worker (BSW or MSW), Forensic Community and Liaison BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services
Coherent Identifier 20.500.12592/qh3sxw

Social Worker (BSW or MSW), Forensic Community and Liaison BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services

28 February 2023


What you’ll do Conduct initial intake and ongoing biopsychosocial social work psychiatric assessments; identify , develop and implement an Integrated Treatment Plan based on the evaluation of clinical risk and need through the completion of the Short-term Assessment of Risk & Treatability (START); screen to determine whether referral to or liaison with other agencies is required and whether approp. [...] Maintain concise and accurate documentation of relevant information on client files in accordance with FPSC policy standards to meet regulatory requirements and provide evidence and rationale to support findings and treatment plan; provide written reports and summaries as per FPSC policy, standards and guidelines. [...] Provide clinical services, information and support, and short-term, time-limited follow-up as required; monitor clients for presence of side effects such as extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS), tardive dyskinesia and other movement disorders related to psychoactive medications, providing information on medication management, including teaching the client about benefits and possible side effects; and giv. [...] Facilitate access to psychiatric and social services through referrals, conducting site visits with clients, completing home visits as per the ITP and FPSC policy, and meeting with clients to assess and assist with their community reintegration and prosocial development. [...] Conduct or participate in pre-release planning conferences; consult with appropriate members of the clinical treatment team to help determine requirement for certification under mental health act and other emergency situations, psychiatric treatment needs, and social needs including referrals to other agencies; and following the consultation with the clinical team, informs community service provid.

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