INED policy on hosting PhD students
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INED policy on hosting PhD students

2 March 2023


INED is the lead agency in the iPOPs project (Individuals, Populations, Societies), one of the hundred "laboratories of excellence" selected in 2010 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research under its programme of investment in the future financed by the national loan scheme (known as "le Grand Emprunt"). [...] This is the setting for the more advanced students to make public presentations; - The Journée des doctorants: this PhD students' day is held in June each year by the students themselves, when they present their more complete research in public. [...] the PhD student, the supervisors, including at least one INED researcher and the head of their INED research unit. [...] At least once a year, the student arranges a meeting to assess the past year and jointly define the stages still to be completed to finish their thesis within the funding period. [...] The committee's job is to assess the state of progress on the doctoral work to make sure first that it is such as to lead to presentation of a thesis in the allotted time.

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