YEMEN - Social impact monitoring report: October–December 2022 OVERVIEW - TABLE OF CONTENTS
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YEMEN - Social impact monitoring report: October–December 2022 OVERVIEW - TABLE OF CONTENTS

3 March 2023


YEMEN Thematic report03 March 2023 Social impact monitoring report: October–December 2022 OVERVIEW Limitations The six-month truce between the Internationally Recognized Government of Yemen (IRG) There is limited information available that is directly related to the impact of the conflict on and the de-facto authority (DFA) in the north of Yemen (also known as the Houthis) ended specific groups an. [...] The analysis presented in this report is based on the following: • the daily monitoring of relevant indicators logged in the ACAPS qualitative database • analysis data from ACAPS’ core dataset This edition of the Social Impact Monitoring Report (SIMP), covering October– December 2022, focuses on the social impact of three areas that we monitored in • the secondary data review of documents publishe. [...] Even when male relatives are supportive, the requirements create extra administrative and financial bur- • are originally from the south of the country and occasionally travel to the north to visit dens for women and girls to travel, making it time-consuming, resource-intensive, and family and for official work expensive. [...] Despite advocacy campaigns migrants and asylum seekers entering the fourth quarter headed to Hadramawt (72%) and to raise awareness of the protection concerns migrants are facing, the issue gets very Shabwah (65%) coasts because of favourable weather conditions across the Gulf of Aden limited attention, with some saying that the issue continues to be ignored as a result of the and lessened coast g. [...] The migrant situation in Yemen and the challenges in moving towards the KSA mean that many migrants opt to return to the Horn of Africa.

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