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2 March 2023


The review of the Nigerian case concluded that successful de-radicalization programs require governments to improve the facilities and manpower needed for implementation, ensure adaptability for the variety of factors leading individuals to join violent armed groups, and “appreciate the role of the community where the programme is situated” to ensure individuals are well-received and sustainably r. [...] Figure 1: Regional distribution of respondents Source: Field survey (January 2021) In terms of the distribution of respondents at the district level, Ketu North in the Volta region had the highest number of residents participating in the baseline survey followed by Jaman North in Bono region (12%) and Jomoro in the Western region (12%). [...] This will enable the proposed new state to have 42 the freedom to manage their own affairs and thus pursue the much-needed development the area 'deserves.' o The matters arising from the plebiscite of 1956: Some respondents hold the view that the outcome of the plebiscite had a period of operation which had expired, and thus, there was the need for the affected areas to rally and seek a restoratio. [...] Oti Region on the other hand had the least number of security agents (3%), while the rest of the security agents were each spread over the other 7 regions by between 5 and 9 percentage shares of all the respondents in this category. [...] According to 3 in 10 of respondents (29%), CSOs in the communities operate in the health service sector, and about 2 in 10 (21%) respondents mentioned Girl Child and Women Empowerment; and the same number of respondents (21%) cited Education as the area of focus for the CSOs.

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