City of Tulsa’s Blueprint for Economic Prosperity
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City of Tulsa’s Blueprint for Economic Prosperity

16 January 2020



The community of the Greenwood District rebuilt in the years following the massacre, but due to federal urban renewal policies, and other policies that resulted in disinvestment and displacement in the area in the decades that followed, these historical wounds have produced cumulative and persistent inequality, threatening Tulsa’s future success4. [...] In collaboration with residents and stakeholders, the City of Tulsa has identified and aligned strategies where local government and community partners can take action to remove barriers to financial wellbeing and create a foundation for financial success for all Tulsans. [...] The City of Tulsa has begun planning and implementation for the following initiatives to connect Tulsans to employment opportunities that provide sustaining wages: NextUp (Currently Implemented): The City of Tulsa is partnering with Tulsa Community WorkAdvance to help youth aged 18 to 24 who are not currently employed or in school access education and training for high-quality jobs. [...] Ensuring Fair Access to Opportunity for Previously Incarcerated Tulsans (Planned): As part of the Resilient Tulsa Strategy, the City of Tulsa has committed to break the cycle of incarceration and ensure fair access to opportunity for previously incarcerated Tulsans, listed as goal 2.1. [...] Acknowledgements The City of Tulsa would like to thank the following organizations for their support in the development of the City of Tulsa Blueprint for Economic Prosperity: Cities for Financial Empowerment Community Action Project George Kaiser Family Foundation Goodwill Industries Family and Children’s Services Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma Lobeck Taylor.

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