Is Realism Policy Relevant? Evidence from Ukraine and Taiwan
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Is Realism Policy Relevant? Evidence from Ukraine and Taiwan

9 March 2023


The war in Ukraine has provided yet another opportunity for critics to highlight the weaknesses of the paradigm and critique its explanation for the outbreak of the war. [...] The case in of the Iraq war best illustrates the controversy regarding the explanatory value of realism as well Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, as revealing the shortsightedness of the criticisms. [...] In the case of Ukraine, the The invasion of Ukraine fueled the criticism of realism still further. [...] Regardless of the disagreements over the implementation of realism, its value remains in its ability to account for conditions that are likely to disrupt the stability of the international system. [...] Scholars are divided over the future of the global system in the wake of the war in Ukraine: some argue that the global system will return to its more anarchic roots, while others disagree and state that the rules-based international order will continue to influence the behavior of states.

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