What security guarantees can the EU provide to Ukraine?
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What security guarantees can the EU provide to Ukraine?

9 March 2023


For the EU, the issue is therefore the role From this standpoint, security assurances it would play in a medium-term guarantee should be provided to Ukraine by the EU system, i.e. [...] Since III What can the EU guarantee? the 2016 Global Strategy, the EU has regu- larly highlighted its aspiration to achieve The security assurances proposed by the EU “strategic autonomy”, while the European could be broken down into several compo- Commission has presented itself as a “geo- nents. [...] In terms of external action, tary equipment as several Member States, Article 22 of the TEU provides that “the with EU support, the credibility and effective- European Council shall identify the strategic ness of the EU’s military assistance would be interests and objectives of the Union”. [...] The benefit of this procedure would be to pursue the idea that Ukraine’s defence must be an opportunity for the EU to com- plete its transformation into a “geopolitical” actor. [...] Conclusion The guarantees provided by the EU would only top up the assurances offered by other non-EU States, in particular the US and the UK, or the guarantees resulting from Ukraine’s NATO membership.

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