INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - North Korean women’s gloomy ‘glory’ on International
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INSIGHT: NORTHEAST ASIA - North Korean women’s gloomy ‘glory’ on International

14 March 2023


To mark the day, the North Korean state‑run On March 8, North Korea called for a large media released articles praising women as the celebration to mark International Women’s Day, a day “flowers or heroines of the country,” and various traditionally used to glorify North Korean women propaganda campaigns emphasized women’s social as socialist revolutionaries. [...] The country designated March 8 and mothers.” It stressed the necessity of women’s as a national holiday, “Wives and Daughters’ Day,” to active contributions “to the prosperity of our country appreciate North Korean women for their sacrifices by bearing more children and raising them well.” and efforts in the foundation and development of the Recognizing the kitchen as a “woman’s space” and sociali. [...] International observers limiting women to the borders of the household, used the occasion to express concerns about women’s North Korean society places the dual burden of rights violations in North Korea. [...] The Rodong Sinmun described the scene, orders (like the one calling for women named ‘Ju‑ae’ saying three generations of the Kim family “have to change their name), might garner criticism rather unfolded a new era of women’s importance and than improve the status of women in the starkly respect for women for the first time in history.” patriarchal society. [...] NGO reports on dire women’s rights in country women’s dedication and loyalty to their family, society, communities, and “revolutionary comrades.” North Korean women are forced to comply with Loyalty is one of the ideological requirements for sexual purity and face violence, discrimination, and North Korean women to become what the state subordination at the hands of men, according to describes as.

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