OCUPPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORY - Violence in Huwara, West Bank +390 +30
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OCUPPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORY - Violence in Huwara, West Bank +390 +30

16 March 2023


• Since the beginning of 2023, there have been heightened tensions and • Israeli soldiers impeded ambulances from accessing the area while the increased instances of violence, demolitions, and military raids in the attacks were happening (Arab Center DC 08/03/2023). [...] These The economic cost • OCHA categorises the humanitarian situation for one quarter of the raids endanger the refugee population in Palestine, and the violence of violence is estimated at USD 5 million. [...] The rampage on 26 February and the Israeli military raid on a refugee settlement in Jenin on 6 DRIVERS OF THE CRISIS March injured more than 400 people and killed seven (VOX 28/02/2023; The Guardian 07/03/2023). [...] By 21 February 2023 alone, Israeli forces had already killed 44 Palestinians 2022 was the sixth consecutive year of the increasing trend in the number of Israeli settler and injured 879 in the West Bank within the year. [...] The Israeli Prime Minister welcomed the operations in the Palestinian refugee citizens are likely to continue to be at risk of attacks by settlers or Israeli forces, even more camps, which he called “the heart of the den of murderers’ lair” (TWP 07/03/2023).

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