Turning the Tide: A call to collective action
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Turning the Tide: A call to collective action

16 March 2023


‘Turning the Tide: A Call to Collective Action’ was formulated by the Co-chairs of the Global Commission on the Economics of Water, drawing on the combined experience, insights and views of the Commission. It presents a seven-point call to action of a sustainable and just water future is to be achieved. It requires transforming the economics and restructuring the governance of water. First, we must manage the global water cycle as a global common good, to be protected collectively and in the interests of all. Second, we must adopt an outcomes-focused, mission-driven approach to water encompassing all the key roles it plays in human well-being. Third, we must cease underpricing water. Fourth, we must phase out some USD 700 billion of subsidies in agriculture and water each year, which tend to generate excessive water consumption and other environmentally damaging practices. Fifth, we should establish Just Water Partnerships (JWPs) to enable investments in water access, resilience and sustainability in low- and middle-income countries, using approaches that contribute to both national development goals and the global common good. Sixth, we must move ahead on the opportunities that can move the needle significantly in the current decade. Seventh, underpinning all our efforts, we must reshape multilateral governance of water, which is currently fragmented and not fit for purpose.

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