Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) 2020 - Democratic Governance in a Pandemic Year
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Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) 2020 - Democratic Governance in a Pandemic Year

20 March 2023


The observers spent 24 days one hand and among the District Elections observing the various phases of the Security Committee (DISEC) and the registration exercise in selected districts constituency party executives on the other across the country. [...] While the forums for the youth groups sought to follow up on how they were applying the skills gained from the boot camps, the meetings for the DISEC and the party constituency executives sought to create common platforms to resolve violent issues ahead of the elections, and to also develop operational guidelines to regulate behaviour of members during the polls. [...] The Compilation This included commissioning of ten (10) provides a sector-by-sector analysis and subject matter specialist and consultants to diagnosis of the core issues, problems further interrogate the issues and develop and challenges in ten (10) key sectors, research papers as part of the evidence spanning governance and public gathering on the issues and the sectors. [...] The rst, Mid-Day (Situational Report) which was released in the afternoon of December 7, 2020, informed Ghanaians about the start of polls and the status of arrangements put in place by the Electoral Commission for the conduct of the polls. [...] The IAA Social practice in Ghana by strengthening the Action Groups in collaboration with capacity and incentive of policy actors volunteers and community activists to access and use relevant data and monitored the adherence to the research evidence (administrative data; COVID-19 prevent ion p rotoco l s surveys and research and project instituted by the government at the evaluation outputs) to in.

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