Seeking asylum in Europe: Where do people go and why?
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Seeking asylum in Europe: Where do people go and why?

17 March 2023


Despite the international laws protecting asylum seekers These questions were motivated by the need to and refugees, how they are received, as well as the practical understand the extent to which asylum seekers’ application of policies, differ even among EU countries. [...] There are substantial For example, only a few EU host countries allow asylum differences between countries in the processing time of seekers immediate access to the labour market, while most asylum applications and the success rate of first-time asylum applications, which might also influence the of them enforce a ban period that varies between two and destination choice. [...] Lifting the employment ban could be more We considered what drives first-time asylum seekers to cost-effective and better for the integration of refugees in apply for asylum in particular destinations within the EU. [...] The study We examine the determinants of the destination choice of first-time non-EU asylum seeker ESRC Centre for Population Change Connecting Generations 3 applicants to the EU, between 2008-2020. [...] These include: • the economic conditions in the destination; • the welfare system; • the processing time of asylum applications; • being able to work sooner rather than later and earn a living; and • availability of networks (family/friends/acquittances) already at the destination.

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