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23 March 2023


the formation of a government in exile called the National Unity issued a ‘right to arms’ policy allowing civilians to access weapons, Government (NUG) and its armed wing, the People’s Defense Forces with the aim of facilitating the creation of new or the expansion (PDFs), with the NUG acting as a parallel government in the areas of existing pro-military junta militias (The Diplomat 09/03/2023; un. [...] This includes The announcement of the new legislation and the increased number a quarter of the private workforce was laid off during the second turning down parliamentary laws intended to legalise settlements of demolitions and evictions will likely cause an uprising in the intifada, affecting livelihoods and forcing households to adopt and outposts on private Palestinian land and pave the way fo. [...] by civil society organisations have taken place in several provinces of the regional force, MONUSCO, and the Congolese army to of the country since May 2022 to support the Congolese army, curb the advances of the M23, violence against Rwandophone IMPACT    demand a more offensive attitude from the East Africa regional communities is likely to increase.  force towards the M23, or even express their. [...] This is an update of the risks DRC Medium risk level identified in the last Global Risk The resurgence of the 23 March Movement (M23) and Analysis report published in COASTAL COUNTRIES OF WEST AFRICA Medium intensification of conflict lead to displacement and further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Nord-Kivu October 2022. [...] The attacks by needs is the highest in all areas close to the front line and in areas the DFA were a means to pressure the IRG to share their revenues Increased fighting and power and gas supply disruptions controlled by the Russian military.

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