Unit 4: International Aid Architecture  Lectures Required Readings
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Unit 4: International Aid Architecture Lectures Required Readings

23 March 2023


This unit reviews the historical rise of global actors in education and discusses different explanations for their behaviour. [...] It also explores the effects of these actors on national educational policies and systems, focusing specifically on how international actors have shifted the quality and thematic focus of their financial and technical support to meet the challenge of the global learning crisis. [...] After completing the unit, students should: • Understand the origins and evolution of international cooperation and aid in education and the main actors in the international aid architecture; • Demonstrate a knowledge of the international norms that undermine the effectiveness and ability of the international aid architecture to improve learning outcomes; • Explain different factors that drive the. [...] Is the international education aid architecture today fit for purpose? (Karen Mundy, University of Toronto) Required Readings • Beeharry, G. [...] The Pathway to Progress on SDG 4 Requires the Global Education Architecture to Focus On Foundational Learning and to Hold Ourselves Accountable for Achieving It..

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