Unit 5: Bureaucracies Lectures
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Unit 5: Bureaucracies Lectures

23 March 2023


The relevant bureaucracies usually comprise multiple administrative agencies with different and sometimes overlapping functions (e.g., both the curriculum authority and the examinations board influencing what is taught). [...] This is particularly the case with the ‘middle tier’ of bureaucrats (e.g., district education officers) who can play a key role in maintaining alignment between the central government, and teachers and schools on the frontline. [...] After completing the unit, students should: • Understand the multiple levels and multiple functions of education bureaucracies; • Explain the limitations of conventional bureaucratic structures in implementing complex service delivery in education; and • Understand the importance of alignment with a shared purpose and supporting and trusting bureaucrats with autonomy in improving the complex work. [...] Rewriting the Grammar of the Education System: Delhi’s Education Reform (A Tale of Creative Resistance and Creative Disruption). [...] Further Readings • On the limitations of narrowly standardized, top-down management and the value of purpose-aligned, empowered autonomy in improving education bureaucracies: o Aiyar, Y.

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