Unit 7: Assessment Lectures
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Unit 7: Assessment Lectures

23 March 2023


Unit 7: Assessment Understanding the nature and extent of the learning crisis, and measuring progress in addressing it, requires reliable and valid assessment of learning outcomes. [...] Some examples of the types of assessments and measurements of learning currently available are: • Large scale international assessments (e.g., PISA and PISA for Development) • Regional assessments (e.g., PASEC) • National educational assessments (e.g., NAS India) • Citizen-led assessments (e.g., ASER) • Other ‘shorter quicker cheaper’ types of assessments (e.g., used in programme evaluations) • Br. [...] The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Testing as a Key Part of the Education Ecosystem. [...] RISE Working Paper Series. [...] RISE Working Paper Series.

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