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5 April 2023


number of Indigenous land AID EFFECTIVENESS use plans developed and In parallel, the Asháninka have also formed recognized Over the past year, we have worked more closely than ever with our sister organisations Indigenous Self-Defence Committees to in the US and Norway to shape international commitments on the rights of Indigenous respond to land incursions and who have been Peoples and other loca. [...] to monitor human rights and provide legal partners and communities and improve data support to forest communities flows to support advocacy and campaigning • Expansion of the system to monitor threats from agribusiness, logging and the extractive industries At the heart of this is ‘ForestLink’ - a The project will also break down technological breakthrough system that enables communities barriers. [...] A look ahead to 2023: Action on oil and gas threats • Continuing our campaign against chaotic oil RFUK and our allies launched an international and gas development in the Congo Basin campaign in response to the DRC government’s as well as the proposed lifting of the DRC The theory: Tackling industrial logging auction of 30 oil and gas blocks that threaten national logging moratorium tens of millio. [...] of fossil fuel expansion in the Congo, that was widely picked up in the international media Following extensive research and advocacy by RFUK, the UN Food and Agriculture 2022 IN NUMBERS: Organisation (FAO) completed a major remote sensing study into the drivers of the deforestation in the Congo Basin. [...] One of our key objectives is to ensure in the way ‘traditional’ conservation in executed and local communities, who lost part of their that communities neighbouring parks have access - moving away from the failed and rights- The percentage of the national traditional territories when the park was created to credible and effective grievance mechanisms abusing ‘fortress’ model of a protected area, t.

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