Competitive Procurement Process: Contract to Manage Canadian Nuclear Laboratories 1
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Competitive Procurement Process: Contract to Manage Canadian Nuclear Laboratories 1

26 March 2023


12 UNRESTRICTED/ILLIMITÉE - TLP-White/Blanc Objectives for Next Contract In delivering the Mission work, CNL is expected to: • Drive innovation through the enhancement and development of new collaborations across academic and research networks and national and international industries • Leverage capabilities to deliver on federal research priorities and grow third-party revenues • Continue the rev. [...] 16 UNRESTRICTED/ILLIMITÉE - TLP-White/Blanc Federal Nuclear Science & Technology Work Plan Four theme areas: • Supporting the development of biological applications and understanding the implications of radiation on living things • Supporting environmental stewardship and radioactive waste management • Enhancing national and global security, nuclear preparedness and emergency response • Supporting. [...] 19 UNRESTRICTED/ILLIMITÉE - TLP-White/Blanc 20 UNRESTRICTED/ILLIMITÉE - TLP-White/Blanc Revitalization of the Chalk River Laboratories Work to date • As part of the GoCo model implementation, the Government of Canada invested in the revitalization of the Chalk River Laboratories, including: • New science facilities investment to build a modern nuclear science and technology campus • Site infrastru. [...] Finding ways to empower and enable Indigenous nations and communities to participate in projects across AECL sites, contributing to the economic prosperity of these communities 35 UNRESTRICTED/ILLIMITÉE - TLP-White/Blanc Safe Management of AECL Sites and Assets Services to enable the safe, efficient, and effective delivery of site operations, including those unique to nuclear licensed sites, such. [...] Contract Finalization Stage and Transition-In/Out stage 4 • Selection of the Preferred Bidder and execution of a final contract• A Preferred Bidder Agreement is signed, followed by execution of the Contract • Overlap of Transition-In/Out activities between incumbent and awardee 40 UNRESTRICTED/ILLIMITÉE - TLP-White/Blanc Anticipated Schedule Date Milestone Fall 2022 Procurement Planning Spring 20.

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