Does the Lifelong Loan Entitlement meet its own objectives?
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Does the Lifelong Loan Entitlement meet its own objectives?

9 May 2023


Reducing the course minimum to 10 credits would increase the number of learners, and therefore increase the cost to government of supporting the student finance system. [...] There should be a focus on regulation, how this will impact providers, the financial cost and benefit to institutions and the cost and benefit to the wider economy. [...] 8 May 2023 The ALL courses therefore bring together the needs of the learner, the provider and the employer. [...] Will this link to continuation rates or graduate outcomes of the parent course? Will this, and the parent course rule, stymy flexibility and responsiveness, and therefore hinder the opportunity for Objective 4 to be fully met? Conclusion and recommendations The LLE is a significant and exciting policy proposal. [...] While increasing the simplicity of access to funding is welcome, there is a risk of the LLE becoming a policy molehill, rather than the mountain it could – and needs to – be.

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