Monthly Featured Book - Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle
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Monthly Featured Book - Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle

19 May 2023



As the days go by, Mama brings her to the library, they watch movies, and all of them talk on the phone, but she still misses Mommy as deep as the ocean and as high as an astronaut up in the stars. [...] Rather than focus on students’ retention of all the words, make sure they understand the words enough to follow the story and remind students of the words’ meanings as they come up in the book. [...] Below are some sample questions that correlate to specific page numbers: ¾ Who did the other children in the class miss? (Page 8) ¾ What is the weather like where Mommy is calling from? (Page 15) ¾ What chores does the girl help Mama with? (Page 24) After reading the book aloud, engage students in a discussion by asking some or all of the following discussion questions: ¾ What happens in the story. [...] Favorite or Most Memorable Scene Ask students: What was your favorite part of the book? What part or scene in the book was most memorable or important to you? With students, brainstorm a list of scenes from the book that students liked or found memorable (e.g., when Mommy left for her work trip, when the girl’s classmates share who they miss, when the girl and Mama talk to Mommy on the phone, when. [...] Then ask: How do these words connect with the family in the book? Elicit that in the book, the family lives together and shares a home; they eat meals together; they do errands and chores for the family, they care for and love each other; and they comfort each other when they feel sad, especially about missing Mommy when she is on a work trip.

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