Connected Conservation: rethinking conservation for a telecoupled world
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Connected Conservation: rethinking conservation for a telecoupled world

24 May 2023

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This paper offers a new conservation model and highlights the need to tackle distant wealth-related drivers of biodiversity loss, while empowering local stewards.The convergence of the biodiversity and climate crises, widening of wealth inequality, and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic underscore the urgent need to mobilize change to secure sustainable futures. Centres of tropical biodiversity are a major focus of conservation efforts, delivered in predominantly site-level interventions often incorporating alternative-livelihood provision or poverty-alleviation components. Yet, a focus on site-level intervention is ill-equipped to address the disproportionate role of (often distant) wealth in biodiversity collapse. Further these approaches often attempt to ‘resolve’ local economic poverty in order to safeguard biodiversity in a seemingly virtuous act, potentially overlooking local communities as the living locus of solutions to the biodiversity crisis.

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Mairon G. Bastos Lima
Research Fellow, SEI Headquarters


forests conservation biodiversity indigenous peoples local knowledge economy : supply chains land : forests