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1 Jun 2023

As an affiliate, Conservation South Africa subscribes to the aspirational vision and mission, strategic framework, and operational requirements of Conservation International, but is enabled to adapt language and specific policies and goals to the unique context of South Africa. [...] Clean rivers, springs and wetlands grasp the urgency of protecting and conserving our ensure our water security and when natural resources; loss of biodiversity, degradation of rangelands are properly managed, and natural habitats, and climate change have far-reaching free from invasive plants, they provide food and long-lasting consequences for our planet and for for our livestock to sustain our. [...] protect nature and ecosystems are the stewards of the land – ED YONG the farmers, and the communities they live promote prosperity I CONTAIN MULTITUDES: THE in and work with. [...] sustainable conservation strategies have a better understanding of local and gender equality, leading to life is threatened by the destruction and monitoring regimes brings we need the knowledge and views social and ecological systems, and broader benefits for society as a of nature: overgrazing, soil erosion, opportunities for employment to the Our programme develops women of these women. [...] to education, resources and Women-led conservation initiatives, and perspectives to rangeland In conservation agreements with trains farmers in livestock handling, decision-making roles promote such as those that focus on conservation efforts, and their communal farmers, youth and grazing and wetland management, gender-equitable and inclusive sustainable grazing, restoration empowerment and inclus.
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